Sunday, 1 May 2005

Establishing a Heritage List

The Network Heritage List
Some time ago The Heritage Network called for nominations to a register of heritage opportunities listed in order of importance considering levels of significance, viability, need, existing support etc. Both cultural and natural sites/projects from anywhere in the world are eligible for inclusion but it is our intention, initially at least, to emphasis community heritage assets from Australian States and Territories. In accordance with our rules preservation of the 19th century iron monitor HMVS Cerberus will occupy the premier position with other positions subject to ongoing review and adjustment.
To nominate a site or project for inclusion on the list simply e-mail the Administrator ( for a nomination form, fill it in and return it. Alternatively you may post your nomination here ensuring as much information as posible is included, particularly a precise location and any relevant contact details. To watch this project develop please visit the Network Heritage List.

The counter on each page displays over all views for "The Heritage Network".


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